Less than 12 hours after Huntington Republicans gathered at the Indian Hills Country Club to raise more money from developers to bankroll my opponents’ campaign, bulldozers showed up at the property and started clear-cutting trees, shrubs and vegetation to pave the way for 80 townhomes. There was zero communication or notification to the nearby residents. Bulldozers rolled in the early morning and started the clear-cutting at the end of Mystic Lane to build a model townhome. The arrogance and complete lack of respect to the Ft. Salonga community continues.


As I’ve stated months ago, this entire planning and approval process was flawed from the beginning. Instead of being a Town Board change of zone application, it was pushed off to the politically-appointed Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning Board for review and approval.


My vision and commitment to the Town of Huntington could not differ more than my opponents. On the eve of this habitat destruction, they raised their glasses and toasted the groundbreaking of more development. I continue to stand with the residents of Ft. Salonga and for the preservation and conservation of our environment.